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    3. eating some honey nut joe o’s and feeling one with the universe. and that grilled cheese sandwich with the black raspberry spread cause that was really good.


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    5. i’m about to put this black raspberry spread on top of this grilled cheese sandwich and it’s gonna taste excellent.


    6. suprchnk:

      i’m assuming it’s a nice sunny day, i haven’t opened my blinds yet.

      i was wrong.



    7. another very cool album cover


    8. just look at how cool this cover is


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    12. holy shit it’s david cross and he’s scared of weiners.


    13. i have on at least a couple occasions

      atomic-yaj replied to your post:

      youve seen this movie!?

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    15. sheonthehorizon replied to your post: my dad’s fiance is asleep down the hal…

      malcolm, you are the worst at responding to texts lol


      what had happened was

      i was at work when you text me and i thought to myself “hmmmm, i’m gonna reply to that when i get off.”

      then i got off and thought of nothing else but making this grilled cheese sandwich.

      but to answer your question, i’m not too sure yet what i’m gonna be doing on sunday. my dad, knowing him, might have some grand easter gesture up his sleeve. i’ll let you know tho.